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Aprenda a fazer o download e a instalação do Photoshop CS4 PT-BR (266 MB) - Vídeo Tutorial

the teeth of the control group were occlusally balanced, with minimal overlapping of the contours.1,2,10 when comparing the teeth of the control and experimental groups, the mandible of the experimental group was found to be retroclined10, with the concavity of the anterior and middle third of the face more pronounced than that of the control group. this result was expected, as the maximum possible retroposition of the mandible is obtained by anteriorly tipping the first molar and impeding the movement of the maxilla in relation to the mandible.


the maxillary and mandibular casts were mounted on a semi-adjustable articulator.1 the articulator was first positioned, adjusted, and confirmed using the conventional method. then, the mandible position was changed, and a reference point was marked on the articulator to confirm the vertical dimension of occlusion (vdo). the articulator was repositioned, adjusted, and confirmed. the vertical height of the articulator and the vertical height of the condylar position at the end of the positional changes were used to verify the selection of the mandible.

  • the results of the analysis of the influence of different features on the perception of facial attractiveness between the professionals and laypersons were as follows. facial feature analysis: facial features contributing to good facial aesthetics were;

photographs of japanese individuals aged between 20 and 40 years from fujisawa city, kanagawa prefecture were taken and analyzed using the facial profile reproduction method, which uses digital photographs and adobe photoshop cs2. from these photographs, japanese female faces were selected with good basic orthodontic treatment needs and facial characteristics of japanese women were analyzed.


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