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Julian Brooks

Samsung Ssd Drivers For Mac

With smartmontools and DriveDX I can successfully get data from a Maxtor HDD and a WD Element HDD, so I think, drivers are good, and the procedure of attaching the external drives after a reboot works.Still can't get SMART data from the Samsung T5.

Samsung Ssd Drivers For Mac

Unfortunately, Apple has left no room for a second 2.5-inch drive in Mac mini (built in 2014) and protects the contents with TR security screws with a security pin. However, screwdrivers are now available everywhere and thanks to detailed video instructions, the conversion can be carried out by anyone who does not have two left hands. It is only important to take your time for the installation and to proceed carefully.

For the upgrade, suitable Torx screwdrivers and an Logic Board Removal Tool are required. I bought the following linked mini screwdriver set. So I have all screwdrivers, incl. TR6 SafetyTorx and plastic-spudger, ready.

No drivers are required so you can just connect the My Passport SSD to your computer, Mac or PC, and start using it without reformatting. However, the WD Discovery software is available to install from the drive if you want to set-up password protection or use it as a backup. The My Passport SSD is also compatible with Apple Time Machine.


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