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What You Need to Know About Unity 3D V4 Highly Compressed and How to Use It Effectively

the high-quality audio effects for each instrument in the game were designed with real guitar sounds in mind. these instruments included a simple strumming pattern, a shuffled arpeggiator pattern, and a full-on song pattern. these sounds were recorded directly using a small-format digital audio recorder (roland r26), which enabled us to capture a wide range of guitar sounds. the recordings were then sent to a 48-khz sampling rate using the standard recorder settings. to achieve maximum clarity, we used 16-bit sample-rate recordings. for the sound effects, we used the sound blaster x-fi mb2 sound card to record the audio effects. this sound card is a budget pci sound card that can record uncompressed pcm stereo sound at up to 192 khz and also includes an onboard dsp. for this project, we used the software version of the x-fi mb2 sound card for windows.

Unity 3d V4 Highly Compressed

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after recording the sounds, we imported them into a daw (digital audio workstation) as uncompressed wav files. for this project, we used adobe audition cc 2017 to design and mix the games sound effects. adobe audition is a professional sound design and editing software that supports the creation of high-quality audio content (fig. 2). our designers used the eq section of the software to manipulate the tone characteristics, including the eq bands, boost and cut points, and the overall tone. this section also allows the user to check the low-frequency and high-frequency regions of the sound effects to ensure that the audio files are not too low or too high in those regions. if the sound files need to be adjusted in the eq section, the resulting audio files can be exported to the main section as uncompressed wav files.


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