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Julian Brooks
Julian Brooks

Blender ? Pro Lighting Studio V1.2.1 And V1.2.4 For V2.8

FMoritz proposed that, instead of keeping Blender as a general content creation tool, it should be aimed at a particular pipeline: Source. This would inevitably tie blender down by hurting the artists who work with other pipelines which in turn would indeed defeat the point of Blender (which is to provide a F&OS general tool for any small creative studio, not just studios making games through source).

Blender – Pro Lighting Studio v1.2.1 and v1.2.4 for v2.8

Hold the phone! Blender GE getting integrated does not mean the end of the road i am exited for the lack of ideas there are coming from everyone that dioesnt understand this IS the correct direction innevitably even if you look at unity 3d they have developers going the oppositr direction there trying to embed animation and modeling tools i mean theres no way unity can catch blender and now that our GE will be embeded doors will open we didnt even think making blenders GE waaay suerior to anythingthat can even exist. I personally think universal scripting is what we need asap. If something gets developed to be able to build to anything, java, c#,html5, or w.e and vice versa if it is possible to import things for example i dont exactpy know how this works but in maya there was this plugin craft designer studio to simulate real car engines and what not for car commercials and it used scripts for controllers so it was like a game and to be able to import and use those scripts would be ridiculous especially if blenders game engine was integrated in the middle of a scene you pick up a vcontroller and drive through a brick wall that has fracture and physics all embeded perfect stuff!!


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