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Herido Pero Aun Caminando Ruben Hernandez Pdf

Herido Pero Aun Caminando Ruben Hernandez pdf

Herido Pero Aun Caminando (Wounded But Still Walking) is a book by Ruben Hernandez, a Mexican pastor and motivational speaker who survived a plane crash in 2009 that left him with severe burns and injuries. The book tells his inspiring story of faith, resilience, and recovery, as well as his message of hope and gratitude to God and the people who helped him along the way.


The book was published in Spanish in 2021 by Editorial Vida, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. It is available in Kindle edition on Amazon. The book has received positive reviews from readers who praised Hernandez's courage, honesty, and testimony. One reviewer wrote: "This book is a blessing for anyone who is going through a difficult situation. It shows how God can use our pain to transform us and make us stronger. It also reminds us of the importance of gratitude and forgiveness."

Hernandez was one of the 103 passengers on board Aeroméxico Flight 2431, which crashed shortly after takeoff from Durango International Airport on July 31, 2009. The plane was en route to Mexico City when it encountered bad weather and failed to gain altitude. The plane skidded off the runway, hit a fence, and burst into flames. Miraculously, all the passengers and crew survived the crash, but many suffered serious injuries. Hernandez was among the most severely injured, with burns covering 75% of his body and multiple fractures in his legs and spine.

Hernandez was taken to a hospital in Durango, where he underwent several surgeries and skin grafts. He spent more than two months in intensive care, fighting for his life and enduring excruciating pain. He also faced emotional and spiritual challenges, such as depression, anger, fear, and doubt. He wondered why God had allowed this tragedy to happen to him and what was his purpose in life.

However, Hernandez did not lose his faith in God. He clung to the promises of the Bible and prayed for strength and healing. He also received support from his family, friends, church members, and strangers who sent him messages of encouragement and donations. He realized that he was not alone in his suffering and that God had a plan for him. He decided to forgive the people who were responsible for the crash and to thank God for saving his life and giving him a second chance.

Hernandez's recovery was remarkable. He learned to walk again with the help of prosthetic legs and a cane. He resumed his ministry as a pastor and started to share his testimony with others. He traveled to different countries and spoke at churches, conferences, schools, prisons, hospitals, and media outlets. He also founded an organization called Herido Pero Aun Caminando (HPAC), which helps other burn survivors and people with disabilities. He wrote his book to inspire more people with his story and to glorify God for his miracles.

Herido Pero Aun Caminando Ruben Hernandez pdf is a book that will touch your heart and challenge your faith. It is a testimony of how God can turn tragedy into triumph and how he can use our wounds to heal others. It is a book that will make you cry, laugh, and praise God for his goodness and grace.


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