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Andrew Grindberg
Andrew Grindberg

Anchors Up

'Live Life Anchors Up,' the new campaign created by Cramer-Krasselt, focuses on the independent spirit of Pacifico and a way of living that's accessible to all of us. It positions Pacifico as an unpretentious beer with values that invite you to free yourself from the anchors that weigh you down.

Anchors Up

This function takes a loops object and combines nearby anchors, up toa distance specified by the mergegap. This likely will cause selfloops to form (loop where the left and right anchor are the same), whichcan either be removed (by default) or retained with selfloops

Avulsion of the distal biceps tendon is a clear indication of operative therapy. Different techniques have been described. From 10/97 till 4/02 we have treated 25 patients with avulsion of the distal biceps tendon by anatomic reinsertion at the radial tuberosity with suture anchors by using a limited anterior approach. 24 patients underwent a clinical follow-up of at least 3 months, the average follow-up was 15.8 months. All patients were men with a mean age of 46 years (32-64 years). Surgery was performed within 9 days (1-28 days) after trauma. No wound healing complication was observed. 2-3 suture anchors have been used in each patient. After 3 months, most patients reached a free range of motion and full strength with unlimited recreational and professional activity. In three cases (12.5 %) a heterotopic ossification occurred, two of them (8.3 %) underwent surgical revision. In one case (4.2 %) we observed a rerupture after 6 weeks. 6 patients (12.5 %) described an intermittent disturbance of sensitivity in their radial forearm, in two cases (8.3 %) the lack of sensitivity persisted. Each patient would choose the same procedure in case of injury. 041b061a72


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