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English File 4 Edit Student's Book UPPER INTERM...

Response Page6: Following the instructions in our Daedalus handbook (distributedin class, but also available here),access the DIWE InterChange transcripts from Wednesday. They are calledmelt, 2melt, and 3 melt (with the date 2/4 thrown in after each name);you can print out entire transcripts, copy them to a file, or copy andpaste what you need. Read through the two conferences in which you didnotparticipate, and find a message about race or prejudice that seems relevantto the two essays assigned for Monday. Copy out the message as usual atthe top of your page; then, using either essay (or both), write a one-pagecommentary in which you discuss the relationship between the message andsome specific aspect or aspects of our reading. Our reading might support,contradict, complicate, or qualify the message. If Friday's reading becomesrelevant (Takaki), feel free to write about that, too; but be sure to addressat least one of the Monday essays. Some very interesting issues and disagreementscame up in your conferences.

English File 4 edit Student's Book UPPER INTERM...



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