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Julian Brooks

Polar SpecialTop Gear : Season 9 Episode 8 PATCHED

Even though Jeremy Clarkson has some not-so-fond memories of filming in Mongolia during this episode of The Grand Tour in season three, that doesn't mean that all the discomfort the three presenters faced was legitimate.

Polar SpecialTop Gear : Season 9 Episode 8

During the episode "Chinese Food for Thought" in season three of The Grand Tour, the three hosts race each other in their respective cars. Hammond's vehicle happens to flip, and then dramatically falls down the side of the steep, winding road.

The Grand Tour seems to leave a lot to post-production these days. Viewers of the Amazon Prime show have recently felt a bit put off by the season four episode called "A Massive Hunt", in which James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond journey across Madagascar in search of treasure. 041b061a72


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