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Buy Laundromat Business

Well-established dry cleaning business in a prime location. This Western Suffolk County gem! Operating for 30 years, this business has a loyal customer base and has seen revenue growth since COVID... More details

buy laundromat business

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Take a look at this attractive laundromat for sale in Brooklyn. This 2800 sq. ft. laundromat is conveniently located in the heart of several apartment buildings, with a basement of the same size. The... More details

If you're looking for that perfect laundry business where your money is actually working for you then you've found the right ad. This business offers multiple streams of income and can be completely... More details

Check out this absentee run laundromat. Located in an ideal neighborhood, equipped with 19 brand new washers and 10 dryers. The 980 sq ft space is well-maintained and has been in operation for over 25... More details

Take a look at this profitable business opportunity in Queens. This 20-year-old dry cleaning and alteration business, which is now available for sale. Located in an extremely busy commercial area... More details

Well, here it is. Get it while it is hot. There is no visible inventory of laundromats for sale in Harris County. So, when a neat little combination of laundromat/convenience store pops on the market... More details

HS Listing ID-33259.This laundromat is located in a busy shopping plaza.Interior is clean and spacious, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers.Business features 24 Dexter... More details

This Dry Cleaning Business is now for sale! Located in beautiful Westchester County in a busy shopping center. This dry cleaning business has been profitable for over 20 years. Don't miss out on... More details

Looking for a profitable and established dry cleaning business? Look no further than this turnkey operation with provable numbers and everything in operating condition. With more than 7 years of... More details

Discover a profitable dry cleaning business you don't want to miss! This business specializes in cleaning and washing a variety of clothing, carpets, and curtains. Located in a bustling shopping... More details

Unique opportunity to acquire two coin laundromats located within 15 miles of each other. These laundromats, located in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties, both offer clean, well maintained coin laundry... More details

Looking for a profitable dry-cleaning business with great potential for growth? Look no further than this well-established Dry-Cleaning Drop Store in upscale western Suffolk County! With 30 years of... More details

This well-established dry cleaning business is up for sale and is located in a prime location with heavy foot traffic. Situated in the midst of commercial and residential areas, this business offers... More details

This well-established dry cleaning business is conveniently located in a busy area west of Boston, Massachusetts. Boasting a long-standing reputation for providing excellent service, this business... More details

Well established dry cleaners of over 50 years is up for sale. This is the only dry-cleaners in the neighborhood and it is a nice family-run business in a 1,500 SQFT facility. Brand new boiler and... More details

This 20 years old laundromat is situated at a busy strip mall on Long Island. It has 32 dryers and 29 washers; 30 % is drop off. All the machines are in excellent conditions. Seller owns it for 10... More details

Rare gem of a laundromat in Anne Arundel County, Maryland with near new machines from top of the line brands, Huebsch and Dexter. The business is situated in clean and well-maintained strip center in... More details

In economic terms, the demand for washing clothes is inelastic. There will always be a need to clean garments no matter the situation. Not everyone owns their own house or their own washing machines, so the need to frequent a laundromat is a reality for many Americans. Laundromat owners usually operate facilities that are primarily self-service oriented. Laundromats for sale often include coin-operated washers and dryers of varying sizes. Managers should service the machines and manage the use of coin machines on premises. Sometimes these facilities include vending machines that offer detergents, fabric softeners and snacks. Some creative entrepreneurs have begun hybrid operations that combine laundry services with food, retail and alcohol service.

Coin laundry businesses for sale come in a variety of places, but location is of paramount importance. The success or failure of a laundry business depends on many location variables. Some things to consider in terms of location for your laundromat include the following:

When you're starting a laundromat business, one of the first decisions you'll have to make is whether to buy, build, or rent a laundromat location. Each option has its own set of pros and cons that you'll need to weigh before making that decision. So, how do you decide which option is best for you? Let's take a closer look at each one.

If you're looking for a flexible option, renting a laundromat location may be your best choice. When you rent a space, you'll have the ability to choose your lease term and make changes to the property as needed. You won't be responsible for any significant repairs or renovations, and you may have the option to sublet if you need to relocate. However, you will be subject to the rules and regulations set forth by your landlord. This is often the easiest way for a laundromat owner to open their first laundromat.

If you're looking to have complete control over your laundromat business, buying a location may be the best option for you. While it's more expensive than renting, buying a laundromat gives you more freedom in regard to what you can control. Compared to renting or building, buying is a good balance between choice and budget.

To help you in your purchasing process, Cents created the Complete Laundromat Due Diligence Checklist. It contains all the information you need to conduct the proper due diligence when buying a laundromat.

All three of these choices are great for starting a laundromat business. You can run a successful laundromat business whether you buy, build, or rent your laundromat location. In the end, it comes down to what best suits your business model and personal needs.

Do you have any questions about opening a new location for your laundromat business? When opening your laundromat, it's important to prepare your business for launch. Talk with Cents today about a laundry business management software to help you transform operations.

In short, you need to verify the income. There are a few tried and true ways to do this, including a coin count with a water meter reading, a water calculation, bank deposit statements, and tax returns. The more of these you can utilize the fuller the picture you will get of the actual income of the laundromat.

NOI is made up of income AND expenses. A lower income than reported will lower the value of the laundromat, but so will higher expenses. Be sure to verify the actual expenses with the actual bills, lease agreements, contracts, etc.

It is important to make sure that the laundromat is set up for long-term success. This includes having a solid, long-term loan, machines in good condition, and infrastructure that will hold up over time.

While you are conducting your due diligence, it can greatly benefit you to look for ways to increase the value of the laundromat when you take over. This will lead to increased cash flow for you and more equity in the business adding to your net worth. Be sure to download our FREE value-add checklist on our resources page to help you identify potential areas to increase the business. No email is required!

We are typically looking at valuations anywhere from 3X to 6X SDE for most laundromats. The multiple depends on a handful of factors. Laundromats are similar to many service businesses we are looking for a multiple of annual owner benefits to create cash flow.

A laundromat in a great area with newer equipment, card readers, automatic lights and door locks, a team of cleaners and mechanical help, and clean taxes and P&Ls with a great lease should command a higher multiple than one that needs an overhaul. You can find great deals on either end of the spectrum if you value them appropriately.

The laundromat industry in the US is worth $5bn, with over 21,000 businesses in operation that employ over 50,000 people. Do I have your attention? If I do, then here are 20 steps to follow to start your laundromat!

Have you ever found yourself wondering how much money a laundromat makes? Or, is the average laundromat cost something I can afford? Established organizations provide the information you need. Keep reading.

Technology infiltrated the coin laundry business with software applications (apps), allowing many owners to accept payments and manage operations. IBISWorld provides detailed research reports on this topic.

Starting a laundromat business does not require any super-special skills, training, or education. Just shake the wrinkles out of a few of the skills you already have and stain your brain with a little knowledge.

If you want some extra guidance on how to write a business plan that will appeal to investors, consider working with a company like Wise Business Plans, whose team of MBA-trained writers have experience writing business plans that successfully secure funding from banks and other lenders.

Having a dot-com for your virtual address also adds credibility. People trust dot-com sites, perceiving them as more mainstream and representative of an established for-profit business. Search for one by clicking here.

He searched for a laundromat for sale near his home, a great way to spend more time with his family in traffic-choked LA. Consider what this could mean for you and your family. He found an existing laundromat ten minutes away.

The cost to open a laundromat must factor in creating and maintaining a safe environment for you, your staff, and your customers. Most importantly, do not be negligent of safety because it can result in lawsuits! 041b061a72


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