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Cheapest Place To Buy Loose Diamonds

When it comes to buying loose diamonds, the world has witnessed a sea of changes. Gone are the days where you need to know a person who would employ all the tricks in his/her bag to assure you that you are getting a fair deal.

cheapest place to buy loose diamonds


The advent of the internet has rendered the ability to browse thousands of diamond listings, examine videos and photos, cross-compare prices, and compare the same diamond among multiple diamond jewelers. The one thing that does not change is trust. At Diamond Hedge you can pick the best diamond online from a wide selection of high quality diamonds. One of the smartest decisions you can make is buying a loose diamond online, particularly if you are looking for an engagement ring or otherwise. Diamond Hedge provides invaluable advantage related to the price, value, and selection.

The diamond market is comparable to real estate. It can correct itself with comparable diamonds and creates standardized pricing. If you find that the diamond price is very low, then there could be a quality-driven reason. Under the given circumstances, browsing loose diamond inventory can come in handy. The good thing about excess inventory is that it allows you to compare prices and other options for making a well-informed purchase decision.

Speaking from my extensive shopping experience (both offline and online), let me tell you that James Allen is hands-down the most intuitive website to browse and one of the best places to buy loose diamonds.

The competitive edge Brilliant Earth has over other vendors is their huge inventory of graded lab diamonds (both white and fancy colored options). At the time of writing, lists more than 6,000 loose lab created diamonds in their inventory and I can tell you that no other vendor in the world comes close to the depth of selection they offer.

So there you have it, these are the best places to buy diamonds and I personally vouch for them based on my own shopping experience with them. Not only do they offer customer orientated policies, the entire shopping process is hassle-free and fully transparent.

I frequently go on business trips to New York and Dubai and I read that some of these places hold diamond exchanges and districts. I can make a detour to Antwerp as well if diamonds are less expensive in that country or if it is possible to get a wholesale deal.

Secondly, not all jewelry and diamond retailers are made equal. As I mentioned in the above comment, I have a lot of shopping experience with both large chain stores, small mom and pop stores, big brand names and even many other online stores. There are a lot of places for you to get a loose diamond from but only a handful of these retailers offer exemplary services and products and stand out from the rest. There is no jeweler from Hong Kong I can recommend in good faith based on my travels there.

On the whole, BlueNile is one of the best place buy diamonds online but when we look at specific niches or categories of goods in comparison to the vendors I listed above, I would say that the vendors excel better in certain areas over Blue Nile.

The best place to buy man made diamonds is Brilliant Earth. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, the synthetic diamonds have IGI documentation/ Secondly, has a big inventory of options available and are in a better position to provide additional data on the stones like images and videos.

To help with the buying process, by building on our decade+experience, we are offering our critical insights on the best places to buyethically sourced diamonds and engagement rings, primarily online. This articlealso covers other essential quality factors for buyers to consider whilebuying diamonds.

In addition to discussing and highlighting the best places to buydiamonds and engagement rings online, we will also discuss 1) how buyers shouldprioritize the 4Cs while buying a diamond (we have offered four scenarios below);2) identify innovative ways for working with a given budget; 3) learn about theseven critical factors that influence the price of a diamond (and why should itbe 7Cs and not 4Cs) and; 4) consider the pros and cons of shopping locally.

Our seventh pick is Ritani. The jewelrycompany was founded in 1999 by a family of jewelers and is known for itselegant and high-quality fine jewelry. Expert artisans in New York uniquelydesign Ritani's jewelry pieces, and while they have reasonable pricing on loosediamonds, it is more their settings and/or semi-mounts that stand out. Besides,Ritani's transparent diamond pricing, free in-store preview, free returns,price matching policy, lifetime care package, and warranty for life are allhelpful add-ons.

A loose diamond is a diamond that is available to buy alone, i.e. without a setting. Loose diamonds are most commonly purchased to be set into an engagement ring or other diamond jewelry, however, there are also people who choose to buy loose diamonds simply for investment purposes.

The old school, brick-and-mortar process of buying a pre-set engagement ring has the advantage of offering immediate gratification. This perk is far outweighed by the benefits of buying loose diamonds.

Only consider buying a loose diamond that has been certified by the GIA or AGS. These laboratories are acknowledged as the most consistent and accurate grading authorities. Less reputable grading bodies will give inflated grades leading to customers over-spending on lower quality diamonds.

One of the huge perks of buying a loose diamond online is the large inventories of loose stones available to view. While a brick-and-mortar store may hold a few loose diamonds for you to look it, they cannot compete with the variety found through online vendors. This gives you the chance to make side by side comparisons of quality and diamond prices, and rule out unsuitable diamonds with ease.

People often ask the price of 1ct loose diamonds, for example, but whether the diamond is loose or in a setting, every quality characteristic will influence the price. Where possible, diamonds should be assessed on a stone to stone basis. You can also use our diamond price charts and calculators to get a better idea of how to set your budget.

Our top three sponsoring vendors for loose diamonds are Whiteflash, James Allen, and Blue Nile. They each take a different approach but ultimately edge competitors on imaging, inventory size, and easy to use websites.

Our advice, and the shared opinion of our diamond community, is that buying a loose stone offers far more flexibility and choice than its pre-set alternative. While it may sound daunting to a first-time buyer, the process of buying loose diamonds is easier than ever and the online experience has proven to be the first choice for buyers in the now.

The diamonds in your ring should have a perfect cut quality, with no exceptions, which you can determine using our expert tool. Explore our extensive inventory of over 1 million loose diamonds for sale and choose the diamond that suits your needs.

The PriceScope community has assisted thousands of buyers to navigate the world of loose diamonds and our extensive resources will provide you with all the information that you need to shop with confidence.

In fact, one of the best places to find deals on diamonds is eBay. Because eBay is an online marketplace, sellers are able to offer their diamonds at significantly lower prices than traditional retailers.

Many people choose to buy loose diamonds at auction for a variety of reasons. One reason is that auctions often present an opportunity to purchase high-quality diamonds at a lower price than would be possible through a retail store.

Finally, you can also contact local jewelry stores and inquire about their wholesale diamond prices. By taking the time to do some research, you can find loose diamonds at a fraction of the retail price.

When you buy wholesale loose diamonds, you are getting exactly that - wholesale. This means that instead of paying retail price for a finished diamond ring or necklace, you are purchasing the raw materials necessary to create that piece yourself.

On top of that, James Allen has a broad inventory with good selections of fancy shapes across different sizes, specifications and caters to people with different budgets.James Allen also gives you hassle-free returns for 30 days. James Allen is hands-down the most intuitive website to browse and one of the best places to buy loose diamonds.

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, you will find an assortment of our super ideal cut loose diamonds with hearts and arrows, certified by the AGS, as well as other GIA Triple X certified diamonds. The designer and custom engagement rings, come in an array of settings and styles: including classic classic style, fishtail pave, antique halo, channel set, and full & half bezel engagement rings.

Its stones are mined in Australia, Africa, India, and Russia and all come from legitimate, conflict-free sources complying with UN Resolutions.When it comes to creative, vibrant and colorful options, Leiblish & CO is one of the leading places to buy diamonds online.

Learning how to buy a loose diamond for an engagement ring or other piece of diamond jewelry can save you money and will allow you to choose your perfect diamond with exacting precision. Online diamond jewelers make it much easier to compare and select loose diamonds compared to visiting diamond wholesalers in places like the New York City diamond district.

Larger loose diamonds (a half-carat or more) are more valuable and will be used as the center stone in diamond rings, pendants, and other jewelry. Yes, you can find large and polished diamonds in their loose form, before they get put on a setting, thus allowing you to choose your own combination.

If you take the time to learn enough about diamonds (our diamond buying guide is a good place to start), you can save most of that markup by buying a loose diamond either from a diamond wholesaler or an online jeweler. 041b061a72


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