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Longchenpa Seven Treasures Pdf _VERIFIED_ Download

Longchenpa's Seven Treasuries: A Masterpiece of Tibetan Buddhism

Longchenpa (1308-1364) was one of the most influential masters of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. He was renowned for his profound realization of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, and for his prolific writings on various aspects of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Among his many works, the most famous are his Seven Treasuries, a collection of seven texts that synthesize the entire path to liberation.

Longchenpa Seven Treasures Pdf Download

The Seven Treasuries are:

  • The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena (ChÃying DzÃ), which expounds the view of Dzogchen in relation to the other Buddhist vehicles.

  • The Precious Treasury of the Way of Abiding (Gnassal DzÃ), which focuses on the four great samayas or commitments of Dzogchen: ineffability, openness, spontaneous presence, and oneness.

  • The Precious Treasury of Pith Instructions (Menngag DzÃ), which gives practical advice on how to apply Dzogchen teachings in one's daily life.

  • The Precious Treasury of the Universal Ground (Kunzhi DzÃ), which describes the nature and qualities of the primordial ground of all phenomena, also known as rigpa or buddha-nature.

  • The Precious Treasury of Philosophical Systems (Drubta DzÃ), which presents a comprehensive overview of the different schools and tenets of Indian and Tibetan Buddhism.

  • The Precious Treasury of Wish-fulfilling Jewels (Yishin DzÃ), which contains Longchenpa's personal reflections and insights on various topics related to Dzogchen.

  • The Precious Treasury of Dharmadhatu (ChÃying DzÃd), which is a commentary on a famous Dzogchen tantra called The All-Creating King (Kunjed Gyalpo).

The Seven Treasuries are considered to be Longchenpa's magnum opus and a treasure trove of wisdom and compassion. They are widely studied and revered by practitioners of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, especially those who follow the Nyingma tradition. The Seven Treasuries are also regarded as a source of inspiration and guidance for anyone who wishes to discover their true nature and attain enlightenment.

If you are interested in reading Longchenpa's Seven Treasuries, you can find some of them available online for free download or streaming. For example, you can access The Precious Treasury of the Way of Abiding from this link. You can also find some other works by Longchenpa on this website. However, if you want to have a complete and authentic version of the Seven Treasuries, you may need to purchase them from a reliable publisher or a bookstore. You can also look for them in your local library or ask your teacher for recommendations.

Longchenpa's Seven Treasuries are a precious gift to humanity and a testament to his enlightened mind. By reading and contemplating them, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and reality, and develop a genuine appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Buddhist teachings. You can also cultivate a connection with Longchenpa as your spiritual friend and mentor, and receive his blessings and guidance on your path to liberation. c481cea774


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