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Andrew Grindberg

Che Guevara Revolution Pdf Free

The night before Che Guevara left the United States for the last time, he met with a little band of progressive writers and supporters of Cuba. And he talked until past midnight about guerrilla fighters and the world revolution.

che guevara revolution pdf free

He was just as serious about the number of eggs produced in Cuba as he was about the possibilities for world revolution. At that time, there was a great deal of talk about rationing of food in Havana. And with many of the statistics at his finger-tips, he made the fundamental point that for the great masses of Cuba, rationing was a tremendous step forward, because formerly they had had practically nothing and now were being fed, while the former middle class had to wait.

Make no mistake, this was no gay flirtation. Metutsov was falling in love with the man who was seen by Socialists around the world, including those in the Soviet Union, as the perfect image, the personification, of a revolutionary.

Anderson is clear-eyed in his effort to see Che in the context of his Argentine upbringing, his search for a direction to his life, the Cuban revolution, world Communism, his ill-fated foray into rebellion African-style, and his doomed attempt to foment an uprising in Bolivia.

However, in the 1990s when he was researching and writing his book, Che was a mythologized Cuban hero and Fidel was still the supreme ruler of the nation. Anderson notes in many places throughout Che how certain records in the hands of Cuban authorities were closed to the public, documents that might have muddied the waters of the national narrative that the leaders had composed about the revolution and its aftermath.


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