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Dover Decorative Silhouettes REPACK

Dear Customers, We would like to inform you there has been a recall on the 6 lb. German Horse Muffins, manufactured November 29, 2018, lot # 8333, due to a quality control problem. The lot number can be found at the bottom of the bag on a small white sticker. The company believes this is an isolated incident but we want to make you aware as an additional precaution. Please contact us at or email with questions.

Dover Decorative Silhouettes


The intricacy, elegance, and charm of Victorian decorative art continue to attract a broad spectrum of contemporary artists, designers, and craftspeople. Now they can draw on this treasury of excellent royalty-free Victorian designs to add nineteenth-century ambiance to almost any project.The author has selected over 160 designs from a variety of periodicals, books, and catalogs from England, France, Germany, and America, including the Album de l'ornemaniste, L'Art pour toous, Foremschatz, Decorative Vorbilder, The Studio, Art-Journal, and Decoration. The motifs reproduced were taken from or intended for fabric, carpets, mosaics, lace, tapestries, metalwork, manuscripts, ceramics, stained glass, architectural details, paintings, and much else.Drawing on native European design tradition as well as the exoticism of the East, the patterns in this volume are predominantly florals and foliates, although there is also abundant abstract figuration, especially from Islamic sources. Textile, package, and graphic designers -- any artist or craftsperson in search of authentic Victorian decorative design -- will find these designs inspirational and exceptionally useful. From the Back Cover

Bold, eye-catching, often witty and whimsical -- silhouettes offer graphic artists a rich source of attention-getting motifs with antique flair. This collection includes over 400 old-fashioned silhouettes, all royalty-free, featuring finely detailed male and female profiles, elegantly clad couples, nimble-footed nymphs, children at play, a menagerie of wild and domesticated animals, diverse modes of transportation (horse and buggy, balloon, bicycle, plane, boat), and a delightful alphabet composed of leaning, sitting, and standing human figures. Ideal for enhancing greeting cards, announcements, posters, advertisements, and much more, these crisp black-and-white cuts, printed on repro-quality stock, will be a welcome addition to any working library.

Thoughtful proportions coupled with the airiness of the Laurel Ridge flush mount light give it a bold yet graceful look. A modern take on traditional style silhouettes, the Laurel Ridge collection is a fresh look informal space.

The product features industrial, vintage-inspired fixtures with simple, traditional silhouettes that are a nod to a bygone era. It features authentic details like caged diffusers and exposed hardware. This product offers widespread ambient lighting.


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