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Julian Brooks
Julian Brooks

Big Red Book Of American

John Doan's book, The Lost Music of Fernando Sor Harpolyre Transcriptions for Guitar, is now out. It is a perfect accompaniment to his beautiful Fernando Sor CDs, The Lost Music of Fernando Sor and Homage to Sor.

big red book of american

This is my personal library listing of instrument building (and general woodworking) resources, books, DVDs and articles. There are many books about many kinds of instrument construction and maintenance listed here, mostly in English, but some in Russian or German.

The Big Red Books, published by the Guild of American Luthiers, contain a wealth of information for builders and should be in the reference library of every luthier. Disclaimer: Even though I wrote some of these articles, I make nothing from the sale of these books.

The back and sides are book-matched. I decided to do a dark red violin-style finish since the instrument was made of figured maple. The next baroque guitar that I built was made from black ebony and white holly with a clear finish. Here it is still under construction.

The bequest establishes the Richard and Margot Warch Fund for Scholarly Research. The fund will be administered by Provost and Dean of the Faculty David Burrows for faculty scholarship, travel expenses, student research support and the purchase of research materials, including instrumentation and books.


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