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Nammalvar Books In Tamil Pdf Downloadgolkes

Nammalvar Books in Tamil PDF Downloadgolkes

Nammalvar, also known as Sadagopan, was one of the most prominent saints of the Vaishnava tradition. He composed four works in Tamil, namely Thiruviruttam, Thiruvasiriyam, Periya Thiruvanthathi and Thiruvaymozhi, which are collectively known as Nalayira Divya Prabandham. These works are considered as the Tamil Vedas and express the essence of the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Brahma Sutras in a poetic and devotional style. Nammalvar's works are revered by the followers of Sri Vaishnavism and are recited daily in the temples of Vishnu.

If you are interested in reading Nammalvar's books in Tamil, you can download them from the following sources:

Download File:

  • [Project Madurai]: This is a volunteer-driven initiative that aims to digitize and distribute ancient Tamil literary works. You can find the PDF versions of Nammalvar's Thiruvaymozhi (part 1 and part 2) with English translations by Kausalya Hart, a professor of Tamil at the University of California, Berkeley. You can also find the PDF versions of Nammalvar's other works with commentaries by various scholars.

  • [Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams]: This is the official website of the Tirumala Tirupati temple, one of the most sacred shrines of Vishnu. You can find the e-book version of Nammalvar by Dr. P. Sowri Rajan, a literature professor and a devotee of Vishnu. This book gives an overview of Nammalvar's life, works and philosophy in Telugu.

  • [Tamil Digit]: This is a website that provides study materials for various competitive exams in Tamil Nadu. You can find a blog post that lists some of the books related to Nammalvar and agriculture, as he was also known for his knowledge and love of nature. Some of the books mentioned are Nammalvar and Organic Farming by G. Nammalvar, Nammalvar's Natural Farming by K. Ponnusamy and Nammalvar's Agroecology by S. Arivudainambi.

We hope that you enjoy reading Nammalvar's books in Tamil and learn more about his teachings and devotion to Vishnu.


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